At Maher Property our Vendor Advocacy will provide you the following information and a list of the realities when appointing the right Agent to sell your property

Our fees and service guidelines

Our Full Service Fee is Negotiable we include; an in depth analysis of properties that have sold in and around your property which is objective and current. We do not present a price that is solely motivated for the purpose of securing the listing (within the real estate industry this is called buying the listing). We will provide a report which fully investigates the offices in your area, from which we can determine the best agents to interview for the sale. We will provide confirmation that you are engaging a reputable Agency and confirmation that the certifications espoused are current and conform to legislative requirements.

It is a clear conflict of interest to receive monies from an agent that we recommend you engage, so we never do! We investigate and interview the agents on your behalf, we secret shop their open for inspections and test their abilities to negotiate on your behalf. We negotiate a commission fee that is fair market value and determine they are not spending too much money on unnecessary advertising.

If you would like to discuss this in more detail please feel free to call me on mobile any time.

No one works for free!

A Vendor Advocate that signs you up on an Exclusive Sale Authority or Auction Authority, to then act on your behalf, who then shops your listing/property out to another agent that is prepared to accept up to half of their usual fee, is not working with your best interests at heart. Nor are they the company you should be appointing as your advocate.

Where do you think these terms position you on the agency priority list? What real benefit does this offer you? The higher the fee negotiated in this instance the higher the fee the advocate realizes, I’m not sure if this is advocacy or absolute self-interest? What do you think?

Read the following questions and if you need help that’s what we offer, with over 20 years of real estate experience we know all the tricks, jargon and untruths. It is our responsibility as your advocate to make sure you get the very best agent working for you.

  • How do you know you have chosen the right agent that will achieve the highest possible net return on your real estate investment?
  • Do you know which agent negotiates consistently the highest median sale prices in your area?
  • Do you know which agent in your area is a member of the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales, and as such is bound by the code of conduct and ethical standards of the REINSW?
  • Do you know which agent in your area has been reported to authorities for ethical and legal breaches?
  • Do you know which agent in your area consistently flaunts legislative requirements when pricing and marketing price in your area?
  • Do you know which agent will pressure you to sell at the wrong price?
  • Do you know which agent will provide you with a comprehensively researched market appraisal?
  • Do you know which agent will highball price just to win your listing, commit and contract you to spend thousands in advertising and then overtime condition you down on price with the advertising spent to leverage an outcome that suits them, not you?
  • Do you know which agent in your area has the best reputation for ethical real estate practice?
  • Do you know what a fair and competitive commission fee is in your area?
  • Do you know where you should spend your advertising dollar?
  • Have you spoken to a vendor advocate that tells you, you pay him nothing? And that the appointed agent pays the advocacy fee?